Slither Game Guide - How To Play

How to Play entered the best Game lists which gamers created. Nowadays, many gamers have been trying to achieve new recordings in the game.Therefore, a few players are using skins. You would like to increase their level of entertainment if gamers are playing with the match. We provide to players high amount of satisfaction and rate their opinions from face book and comment which were delivered from our website.


It is our next list Which predicated on the datas of July.This list is created according to the proportions in the google play store and standard mods.The characters who you love or your own design to input another month list so you must increase your playing proportions on your skins.You will relish more if you use these skins.If that you want to create your skin and talk about other players, you also can send and share with your skins on our FB page. We thank all of our mods users and youtuber that are using our mods in your videos.


1. Shithead
2. Jigsaw
3. Magical Butterfly
4. Super
5. Police
6. Pokemon
7. Magical Butterfly
8. Barcelona FC
9. Pinksheep
10. Galatasaray SK


This sorting is done According to the widely used skins.These skins will encourage you to Do more points and enjoyable in the game.Ranking of hot skins will soon be Held every month.If you would like your skin to be more shared in mod, so you can Speak to us with face-book page.At the ending of August it will be Held the following month ranking which name is Top 10 Custom Skins.